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introducing the Los Angeles Pregnancy Loss Support Group

This group is for women and men who have experienced a pregnancy loss. This group includes families who have lost a pregnancy due to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or stillbirth. There is a lot of shame and guilt surrounding pregnancy loss and it\'s time to change that. This year, I have lost two pregnancies, both ectopic and have had three surgeries. Infertility is not just a statistic, it\'s me. I am the 1 in 4 who deals with infertility. Please join me in creating this safe place for us to come together and share not only our grief, but our strength as well..

Five and Fighting: The Gender Politics of Kindergarten

My daughter is five years old. My bright, amazing, wonderful, smart, talented, loving, and challenging girl is five. I thought that I had years, three at the least, five at best, before I had to really worry about gender politics and autonomy. Funny, because now I am realizing that I have been worrying since the moment that the ultrasound tech typed our chosen girl’s name on the screen. .

The Los Angeles Doula Collective

The LA Doula Collective is a group of diverse women seeking to serve families through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Each of our doulas owns her own business, yet we support each other by providing backup services and referrals. We offer individualized support to our clientele, with a wide variety of services, including: labor doula support, postpartum doula support, placenta encapsulation, Hypnobabies, newborn care specialist services, night time support, meal preparation, photography, reiki, massage and more..

Out of the Box Collective

The Mission of Out of the Box Collective is to deliver the Food Revolution to our customer’s table by using their food dollars to support a collective of local farmers, ranchers, vintners and artisans who are stewards of the land. In exchange, our customers enjoy the freshest, most nutrient-dense, delicious food available, paired with seasonal meal plans and recipes..

The Cost of Hiring a Doula

The cost of having a doula depends largely on her experience, what state you are located in and what services are included. Typically Doulas charge around $800-$1200 for full Doula services. Many Doulas-in-Training look to attend births for free or low cost in order to get their hours for their certification..

Breastfeeding Twins

It can take some time to get the hang of breastfeeding one baby, but what about two? Common questions for breastfeeding moms of twins include: Will I produce enough milk? Will I have time to breastfeeding two babies? Can I breastfeed both babies at the same time? Which positions can I use?.

Baby’s First Three Months

So you’ve waited nine long months of carrying your child. You’ve enjoyed their little kicks, watched them on the sonogram screen and finally, you’ve endured hours of labor. They’re finally here, and everyone couldn’t be happier! images (48)But now that the pregnancy is over, what are some of the milestones that you can expect from your little one? When will you see the first smile, or when can you expect your tiny tot to roll over? Not all babies will progress at the exact same rates, but this is a handy timetable to learn what you can expect your child to learn within the first three months of their life!.

Why You Should Hire a Doula

If there is ever one time in your life that you’ll need a lot of extra help, it is most definitely when you are going to have a baby. If you are already a mom, you’ll surely know this! Mom’s and dads will be incredibly busy getting ready for ther new little bundle of joy, and if you don’t have some extra help, other areas of life may suffer a little bit. Babies require a lot of our time, so sometimes we may forget to go to the take some time for ourselves, and we may even overlook the benefit of having someone else there to talk to about our feelings..

Becoming a Mom Changed Me

When our twins were born I vowed to be a better mother than the mothering I had received as a child. I made several resolutions I was going to make in my own life to become not only a great mother, but a more humanitarian person. I was going to breastfeed, co-sleep, use cloth diapers, have a chemical free home, only eat organic food, maybe even not eat meat and dairy, never speak a cross or frustrated word, play every game, always say yes, surround myself with enlightenment and positivity....

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