Did Mike Mentzer Take Steroids Or Was He Natural?

Mike Mentzer was the greatest, legendary, and classic bodybuilders of his time. His story is dedicated to many of the individuals.

Because of aesthetic physique, there is a question arise whether he has used the steroids or completely natural.

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In this article, we are going to judge him on the basis of evidence and assumptions.

Mike was famous for popularizing in the Heavy Duty training and people think that is Crazy.

According to him, the natural bodybuilders should exceed the rest time period between workouts for boosting up the muscle and stimulates recovery of the muscle.

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Mike is the father of modern HIT training and he has changed some of the HIT regimens.

He was the great businessman and had published the quality content.

The steroids play a role to do frequent high-volume training in the system.

The idols and influences of Mike from the young age were only Bill Pearl.

Mike Athlete Statistics:

  • Height of the body: 5’8’’
  • Weight of the body: 224lbs

To look up at the weight of the body is one of the best ways to judge he is a steroid user whether he is natural.

The Nattyornot has mentioned the natural recommended range of gaining.  According to their list, there is a difference of 68lbs.

Exceeding 5 to 10lbs can consider as a natural and easily achieve through diet and exercises.

Many bodybuilders are searching about steroids for sale online but as  you know there are many anabolic steroids in market that comes with side effects.

Gaining 68lbs more than the natural range definitely achieved by taking help from the anabolic steroids.

Bulking steroids such as the Dianabol are contributing to increasing the lean muscle mass.

The BMI is 34.1 that indicates fully trained, an anabolic steroid, HGH, and insulin.

Physical Sign Of Steroid Use:

If we observe Mike’s body for the appearance of steroid sign so, we can see the bigger or muscular arms and increased vascularity.

There is no any steroid gut and other signs. The most possible reason is that they are using steroids in the moderate range.

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There is a lot of difference between the modern bodybuilders and natural bodybuilders. Today bodybuilders are just focusing on increasing the bigger body and it’s just all about the size while back to the 1960’s era, those bodybuilders were taking anabolic steroids for defining the physique.

Moderate amount of steroid dosage in a steroid cycle does not develop any drastic appearance such as the steroid gut and gynecomastia.

The Golden age bodybuilder’s goals are to define an aesthetic physique and tiny waist.

However, there are many other ways to prevent the development of these types of appearance such as to run the PCT cycle (Post Cycle Therapy).

The PCT plays an important role to balance the estrogen hormone. You should see Deca durabolin review here for bulking and strength.

The weight of the body and appearance of some steroid signs means Mike has done steroid practice within a recommended range thus, he did not develop the artificial look.

Mike Mentzer, Dorian Yates, And Arnold Schwarzenegger:

The Mike Mentzer era of bodybuilding is the 1970s or more while the Arnold era is 1960 to 2010.

They both trained together as well. They compete in many competitions so, it is definitely possible that he took steroids.

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Mike and Dorian Yates both have used the steroid because they are new in the market and everyone was excited to try the steroids and see the benefits.

Unfortunately, the anabolic steroids use become more popular in the bodybuilding due to more advantages.

According to another legendary bodybuilder “Casey Viator” who has a close relationship to the Mike.

According to Mike close friends, the brother of Mike “Ray Mentzer” used to take 2.5grams of Deca per week with the combination of Promobolin and Dianabol.

His method is appealing for many natural bodybuilders who assume that it becomes hard to build up a physique similar to the Mike Mentzer.

Like all other bodybuilders competed during the Golden Era, Mike also relied on the anabolic steroids for competitions.

At that time, the steroids were actually semi-legal and prescribed by doctors.

It is not considered as a big thing to give the prescription to the young adult for their competition.

The reason for prescribing steroids to the young adult for getting bigger and the most common source is the gym dealer for supplying anabolic steroids.

If someone has a prescription so, the main reason is Dianabol.

The Mike Steroids Or Steroid Cycle:

The pattern and dosages of modern steroids cycles are completely different as compared to the old school cycles because at that time they have less knowledge.

In the previous days, most of the individuals did not have an idea about steroid cycles, stacking, and the dosages.

The modern version of the anabolic steroid cycle is well defined and responsible for delivers an effective result.

The old steroids are includedPrimobolan, Ostarine, Deca-Durabolin, Aromasin, and N2 Guard.

The anabolic steroid that he could have taken are AAS, HGH, and insulin.

The steroids are based on our opinions. We do not know the actual list of his steroid cycle.

Mike Mentzer Diet:

According to Mike, the bodybuilders do not need the protein that was sold by magazines.

This opinion is similar of other bodybuilders and Mike has also mentioned in his book “Heavy duty”

The fact that muscle makes up of water does not mean that you should drink the gallons of water. Checkout crazybulkguide.com for more informations.

Mike took the safe approach of his nutrition and it looks like a diet of a typical bodybuilder.

The diet contains the following foods:

  • Cereal and grain foods
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • High protein diet like fish, meat, and eggs
  • Milk and milk-made products like milk and cheese.
The Mike Workout:

Mike Mentzer training style is based on the HIT (High-intensity training) that is designed by the Arthur Jones in the 70’s.

Rumors have been circulating that Chad Nichols came up with a huge steroid cycle which was used by Dallas McCarver prior to his death.

He had made some variations as “Heavy Duty”. There are more chances of failure between 6 to 9 reps. He performed 2-3 force reps as lowering the weight.

Mike Mentzer’s training is absolutely perfect in which the rest is more important.

After a long period of time, he took 4-7 day’s rest between the workouts.

Mike Mentzer Training
Days Superset Superset Superset

(Legs, Chest, And Triceps)

Leg Extension  1x 6-8

Squats 1 X 6-8

Dumbbell Flyes Or Pec- Deck 1-2x 6-8 Psuhdowns 1x 6-8

Dips 1x 6-8

Leg Press 1x 6-8 Incline Presses 1-2x 6-8 Lying Triceps Extensions
Leg Curls 2x 6-8 Dips 2x 6-8 2x 6-8
Toe Presses 1x 6-8
Calf Raises 2x 6-8

Back, Traps, Shoulders, And Biceps

Nautilus Pullovers 2x 6-8 Universal Machine Shrugs 2x 6-8 Nautilus Laterals 2x 6-8
Close-Grip Pull Downs 2×6-8 Upright Rows 2x 6-8 Nautilus Presses 2x 6-8
Bent-Over Barbell Rows 2x 6-8 Standing Barbell Curls 1×6-8
Rear Delt Rows 2x 6-8
Concentration Curls 2x 6-8


Mike life had also some tragedy in his life. All of the major contributing factors like the death of his father and rejection in the bodybuilding community played role in his decline.Life is incomplete without any hardships

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He was passionate, dedicated, bodybuilder, and the knowledgeable.Mike had died from the heart attack during sleep.

Mike has also made his name famous in the bodybuilding like Arnold and many others bodybuilders.

Mentzer may use steroids because they were new in a market.